Northern Beaches Furniture Removals in Sydney

Moving is tough – get rid of at least some of the stress by getting someone else to do the packing and moving! If you’re moving around Sydney’s Northern Beaches (or even south of the Spit),
call Frog and Dog on 1300 853 755 to get help from our experienced team!

Northern Beaches Removals in Sydney

Our Removalists Services:


Trust us, packing takes far more time than you think it does, and things will always end up in the wrong box. Our team will take care of it all and leave you time to figure out where you want everything to go once it gets to the new house!

Everything we pack will be carefully organised so that it arrives safely and quickly at your new address.

We also have specialised packing options for different materials. Our Porta-Robes, for example, make sure that all your suits and dresses will arrive at their destination crease free and ready to wear! We will also pack anything fragile with maximum protection so that everything arrives safe and ready to use at your new home.

Home Removals

We know that we aren’t just moving furniture – we’re moving your home. We take care of as much stress as we can, so you can deal with setting your family up for its new life. When you hire Frog and Dog, what you get is a cheerful and respectful team that will move everything to exactly where you want it, and make sure you know exactly where everything you bring with you is.

We can do your packing for you, but if you’d rather take care of it yourself we will also give you all the packing material you want! From Porta-Robes to keep your clothes pristine to specialist containers for fine china, we have everything you need to make your move fast and easy.

Office Removals

Moving your offices or business is a major disruption. We can do it all in one night, so that you lose as little time as possible! All you have to do is finish up at your old premises and then get electricity and the internet set up at your new office the very next day! Our team will make sure that everything arrives safely and goes exactly where you want it, leaving you free to get back to work as quickly as possible.