5 things to make your moving day stress free

We all know getting ready for moving day is a stressful thing. Literally there are a thousand other things we would all rather be doing as opposed to getting ready for this necessary evil. Here are 5 easy things you can do to help make your move a breeze.

1 – Be organized!

That’s right, organized. Is everything packed? Have you changed your address? Phone, electricity, internet ready to be activated at your new home? These simple things really do help take the stress out of life, not just on moving day but in the days and weeks after you move. Its hard to enjoy your new home with you still have a large to-do list!

2. Have you booked your removalist?

It can be hard to find a removalist last minute, especially a good one. Booking your removalist weeks in advance is always your best bet. Its one less thing you need to worry about in the week and days before your move.

3. Are you packed?

No really, are you packed? It seems so simple doesn’t it? Everything in boxes and bags, fragiles safely wrapped and packed, boxes labeled. Doing a little bit each day in the weeks before you move will take the last minute stress out of your move and will help ensure a smooth move on your big day.


Do all these items really need to come with you to your new home? We are all guilty of it, keeping those things we don’t need or want. That little voice in the back of our mind telling us that we might need it one day, yet we have not used those items in years. It definitely best to let those items go and gift them to charity or the garbage.

5. The quick and safe move.

Are the walkways clear and clean of trip hazards? Is the dog safely out of the way? Are the kids with the sitter? By adhering to these three things, you’ll ensure that your move is not only quick, but safe!